Requires seen Abigail's 6 heart event.

Warrior +1 Speed, +1 Luck, +1 Attack

Abigail is a standard companion unlocked after Marlon's invitation. She is available to recruit after you seen her 6 heart event every day between 6am and 10pm with some exceptions.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Time: 06:00 - 22:00.
  • Must have seen six heart event.
  • On Friday, after 1500, will reject unless at least eight hearts.
  • If married, will always accept if not less than eight hearts.


Fighter, Warrior

  • Strength: 0.9
  • DefendRadius: 8.1


0Abigail’s Planchette1-3
1Steel Smallsword4-8
2Pirate’s Sword8-14
4Forest Sword8-18
5Iron Edge12-25
6Holy Blade18-24
7Bone Sword20-30
8Tempered BroadSword29-44
9Obsidian Edge30-45
10Lava Katana55-64

Idle behaviors

She can look around or sit on the ground or play on her flute.