Requires at least 4 hearts.

Forager, Fighter +3 Farming

She needs at least 4 hearts to recruit and she's available every day between 6am and 10pm.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Time: 0600 - 2200.
  • Must have four hearts or more


  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (except Summer 9th and 23rd) between 8:30am and 6:30pm, she teaches Jas and Vincent.
  • Saturday (only if it's not raining) she plays with Jas and Vincent

If married, will always accept if not less than eight hearts.


0Penny’s Fryer1-3
1Rusty Sword2-5
2Wooden Blade3-7
3Crystal Dagger4-10
5Forest Sword8-18
6Iron Edge12-25
7Neptune’s Glaive18-35
8Bone Sword20-30
9Templar’s Blade22-29
10Steel Falchion28-46

Idle behaviors

She can look around or read a book.