Where can I find a configuration file?

<game folder>/Mods/NpcAdventure/config.json

Before you first run game with NPC Adventures mod, config.json is not present. Run game first and the you can found config.json here. It's a SMAPI feature.

How to configure

Bellow you can see a configuration schema with default values

  "ChangeBuffButton": "G", // {string} Key to change prosthetics buff (like Maru's)
  "HeartThreshold": 5, // {int} Minimum amount of friendship hearts required to successfully recruit a companion (by player)
  "HeartSuggestThreshold": 7, // {int} Minimum amount of friendship hearts required to be offered a recruitment (by an NPC)
  "ShowHUD": true, // {boolean} Show companion HUD?
  "EnableDebug": false, // {boolean} Allows debug (cheat) commands in SMAPI console. Of course, only for development purposes :)
  "AdventureMode": true, // {boolean} Enables an adventure mode. If this is false then mod has the same usage as version 0.9 and older.
  "AvoidSayHiToMonsters": true, // {boolean} Disables/Enables the bubble speech above companions saying "Hi" to the monsters while fighting
  "RequestsWithShift": "Disabled", // {"Disabled"|"Enabled"|"Required"} Enables/Disables "ask to follow" dialogs with shift key. If it's set to required, player must hold a shift key before right-click for ask to follow or show companions's choices dialog. Shift key can be user-defined. If it is set to enabled, player can force companion request dialogue with shift anytime or use the same behavior as is this option disabled.
  "RequestsShiftButton": "LeftShift", // {string} Which key is a shift key for hold to recruit
  "AllowGainFriendship": true, // {boolean} Enable or disable friendship points gain every whole hour while adventuring with companion.
  "FightThruCompanion": true, // {boolean} Disable showing companion dialogue while fighting (on left-click). If the player wants to show it, they must do a right-click on a companion.
  "EnableSuggestions": true, // {boolean} Enable adventure suggestions by NPCs while talking with them. By default this feature is enabled. (Config option since 0.17.0)
  "AllowEntryLockedCompanionHouse": true, // {boolean} Allows player enter companion's house any time if player has recruited this companion.
  "UseAsk2FollowCursor": true // {boolean} Use NPC Adventures ask2follow cursor. If this option is disabled, then will be used propirental dialogue cursor.

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