Define buffs

Define your buffs in companion disposition via field Buffs or ProstheticBuffs for changeable buffs. These fields are type of structure BuffData contains these fields:

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
Farminginteger0Adds temporary farming level
Fishinginteger0Adds temporary fishing level
Mininginteger0Adds temporary mining level
Farminginteger0Extra luck
Foraginginteger0Adds temporary foraging level
Craftinginteger0unused Not used in SDV 1.5.6 (but since SDV 1.6 it's used)
MaxStaminainteger0Temporarily increases max stamina bar
MagneticRadiusinteger0Extra magnetic radius
Speedinteger0Extra movement speed
Defenseinteger0Increases defense skill
Attackinteger0Increases attack skill

All buff values are applied on a farmer which has a companion and all of them are optional.

Static buffs

You can define static buffs granted by your companion to a farmer. Use field Buffs which defines one static buff with the BuffData structure. If you don't want define changeble buffs, let this field undefined in your disposition file.


File companions/Abigail.json

  "Format": "2.0",
  "Name": "Abigail",
  /* ... */
  "Buffs": {
    "Attack": 1,
    "Luck": 1,
    "Speed": 1
  "BuffsDescription": "[buffs.abigail]"

Prosthetic (changeable) buffs

This buffs can be changed in-game by press G key. You have to define afield ProstheticBuffs which is an array with buffs described by BuffData structure. If you don't want define changeble buffs, let this field undefined in your disposition file.

  "Format": "2.0",
  "Name": "Maru",
  /* ... */
  "ProstheticBuffs": [
    { "Speed": 1 },
    { "Farming": 1 },
    { "Fishing": 1 },
    { "Mining": 1 },
    { "Luck": 1 },
    { "Foraging": 1}
  "BuffsDescription": "[buffs.maru]"

Add buffs description

It's recommended to define buffs description. You can do it with field BuffsDescription which defines default description for buffs granted by your companion. Buff description is a translatable string and it's recommended reference i18n translation key here.

TIP: You can use # for new line


  "Abigail": "Hanging out with Abigail get's your adventurer's blood pumping!#You gain +1 Speed, +1 Luck and +1 Attack.",
  "Alex": "Alex's fighting spirit seems to awaken yours as well.#You gain +1 Speed and +2 Attack.",
  "Elliott": "Truly a descendant of Thoreau himself, there's nobody quite#like Elliott to sit down and fish with next to a tranquil pond.#You gain +3 to your Fishing skill.",
  "Emily": "Emily and her powerful spirit will aid you while mining.#She grants you +2 Mining.",
  "Haley": "When Haley's around, good things just seem to happen more often.#Your Luck is increased +2!",
  "Harvey": "Dr. Harvey is the master of both preventative and reactive medicine.#You gain +3 Defense.",
  "Leah": "Leah always seems to smell like chopped wood and fall mushrooms.#You gain +2 Foraging while hanging out with her.",
  "Maru": "Maru's been working on some prosthetics that can enhance various abilities!#You gain +1 to any stat. Use the '%button' key to cycle your current prosthetic.",
  "Penny": "Penny's a true homesteader, and she's more than willing to help out on the farm!#You gain +3 Farming with her at your side.",
  "Sam": "Sam likes to live fast (but hopefully he won't die TOO young)# You gain +2 Speed",
  "Sebastian": "Hmmmm. Something about Sebastian's buff seems familiar...#You gain +1 Speed, +1 Luck and +1 Attack",
  "Shane": "Shane may shun organic ingredients in favor of frozen pizza, but he's still good with chickens.#You gain +3 Farming with Shane."