How to assign skills to a companion

Define skills

Define one ore more skills for your companion in companion disposition via field Skills. This field contains an array of structure CompanionSkill contains these fields:

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
NamestringREQUIRED! A name of skill. This name must match one of valid skill names
Skill name is unique. If you define more than one skill with tha same name, only the first in the array will be applied, others are ignored.

Some skills may have some additional parameters or options as JSON fields. All skill must have the Name field defined.

Skill types


This type of companion can heal you if you are injured so much. Also they can save your life if you are in danger of death.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
HealCooldownint4800Cooldown in ticks during which doctor can't heal you.
Medkitsint3Number of available medkits. When all medkits are depleted, doctor can't heal you anymore during current adventure.
CanSaveLifebooltrueIf this is enabled, doctor can save your life if you are in danger of death.
HealSideEffectEveryint180Every n ticks your health is increased by a small amount until 70% of cooldown is ran away or your health is 61% or more of your max health value.


Companion with this skill can fight with monsters using sword or fists. Fists are applicable only when IsWarrior is set to true. Also this companion has a perk of warrior with warriro skill icon.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
Strengthfloat1.0Power factor of companion to fight.
Speedfloat1.0Speed factor of companion while fighting.
Effeciencyfloat1.0Range of weapon swipe effeciency for this companion.
Cooldownint50For experts Combat cooldown in ticks. This affects total combat speed and effeciency. Not recommended to change it if it's not really necessary.
AttackRadiusfloat1.25Tile radius around companion starts attack to acquired monster.
BackupRadiusfloat0.9fTile radius companion steps back of the acquired monster.
FistCooldownint1200Cooldown in ticks after companion used during which companion can't use fists again.
MissChancefloat0.0Percentage chance companion miss take damage to a monster while attack.
ExtraSpeedint0Added speed in points.
ExtraStrengthint0Added combat power in points.
DefendRadiusfloat6.0Tile radius around companion where they looks up for a nearest monster to acquire them and attack.
ReturnRadiusfloat11.0If farmer is far away of this radius, companion stops combat with a monster and returns to farmer's position.
IsWarriorboolfalseWarrior perk for this companion.


This kind of companion may be scared of monsters during your adventure with them.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
Durationint1500Duration in miliseconds during which this companion is stuned by fear.
MinCooldownint4Minimal cooldown in seconds during it this companion don't be scared by monsters.
MinCooldownint40Maximal cooldown in seconds during it this companion don't be scared by monsters.
CryChanceRatioint8Chance this companion will cry when it's scared by a monster. Lower number increases this chance.
FrameintAnimation sprite frame which will be shown during companion is scared.


This kind of companion can forage in outdoors and ocassionaly shares their treasures with you.


This companion makes monsters around peaceful so they won't attack you. If you attack a peaceful monster, you lose some friendship points with this companion.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
KeepFriendshipbooleanfalseKeeps friendship when a farmer hits or kills a monster. If this is set to false, farmer can lose some friendship points with spiritual companion.
FriendshipPointsLossOnAttackinteger10Amount of friendship points farmer loses when they hit a monster. Ignored when KeepFriendship is FALSE.
FriendshipPointsLossOnKillinteger75Amount of friendship points farmer loses when they kill a monster. Ignored when KeepFriendship is FALSE.


This companion can catch fishes and ocassionaly shares them with you.


This companion can shoot enemies with projectiles.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
Damageint1The base damage of companion's shots. This may be tweaked by quarter of current weapon's minimal damage
CollisionSoundstringhammerSound played when the shot is destroyed
Cooldownint1000(ms) a delay between shoot actions.
ChargeTimeint300(ms) time until companion's weapon is ready to shoot.
Projectileint390Projectile parent sheet index from objects spritesheet. Default is Stone.
ExplodeboolfalseCan projectile explode when destroy?
MinShootRangefloat1.0Minimal range in tiles between companion and target to shoot.
MaxShootRangefloat1.0Maximal range in tiles between companion and target to shoot.
ShotSpeedfloat1.0Modifier of shot movement speed.
LightingShotboolfalseCan shot emit a light?

Experimental: Options of shooter skill are experiomental and may be changed in future.


This companion can apply some perk effects for you, currently invincibility and attack.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
TypeProtectorTypeREQUIRED! Type of the protector skill (see enum described bellow)
UseChancefloatREQUIRED! The chance in % (expressed by number between 0.0 - 1.0) protector applies theirs protective effect on a farmer.
Durationinteger5(seconds) Duration while the effect is active
Cooldowninteger120(seconds) Cooldown between applied protective effects
Amountinteger0Amount of attack power (only attack protector type)
DescriptionstringDescription for icon of this skill in the skill bar

The ProtectorType is an enum with these values:

  • Invincibility - Makes farmer invincible for a limited duration
  • Attack - Increases attack power for a limited duration
  • Knockback - (not implemented yet) Don't use it


When you are adventuring with this type of companion, you gain some extra friendship while talking with an NPC except the recruited one.

FieldTypeDefault valueDescription
GrantFriendshipFactorfloat1.0Multiplier of standard gained friendship points while you talk with a villager.
ExtraFriendshipPointsint0Additional gained frendship points.