Bag items delivery letters

Where can I define delivery letters?

In content source Strings/Mail (asset assets/Strings/Mail.json in original mod)

How can I define letter strings?

Create a json string record for key prefixed with bagItemsSentLetter., the key structure is:

bagItemsSentLetter.<NPC_name> # NPC name - a name of NPC who delivers your forgot items in their bag


  "bagItemsSentLetter.Abigail": "Hi {0},^^You forgot some items in my bag, so I've sent them back to you.^I had fun yesterday, I hope to see you again soon!^^    - {1}",
  "bagItemsSentLetter.Maru": "Hi {0},^^Blah blah another bag delivery message    - {1}"


Bag delivery letters has these placeholder to use:

  • {0} - Farmer name
  • {1} - NPC display name (the NPC who deliver our forgotten items in bag)