Modder's upgrade guide

How to migrate your content pack to the latest format version

Update to version 0.15.0 beta

Custom weapons

From version 0.15.0 you can define custom weapon for each combat level. This change deprecates weapon definition part in Data/CompanionDispositions. If you defined custom weapon for your custom companion in dispositions content asset, then create new asset file in your content pack, define custom weapon for combat level 0 and move weapon name or id here. In content.json in your pack folder define patch for Data/Weapons/<YourCompanionName>. Don't forget remove weapon deifinition from dispositions content asset. More details you can read in Weapons docs.

Upgrade legacy content packs to new format

If you are an author of legacy content pack (format version 1.2 and older), please upgrade your content pack to latest format version 1.3. Otherwise your content pack will be not loaded if player doesn't allow it in configuration file.

Update to version 0.13.0 beta

Translations moved to locale folder

Localizations was moved from assets folder to locale and removed the locale code suffix. Now localization files are in the locale/<localeCode> subdirectory. If you create unofficial (community) translations, you must to migrate your translations to the new place and use the new localization files name convention. See the mod folders assets and locale for an example.

New content pack format 1.3

It's highly recommended to upgrade your content packs to latest format version 1.3. This format has been simplified and not need specify Action field. Actions Load and Edit are deprecated and there are automatically rewritten to new Replace and Patch. Replacers trigger warning, so your rewritten load patches trig this warning too. To avoid this warnings upgrade your pack to the latest format version. It's easy, just remove the Action field from your patches and change Format field to 1.3. If you add new file which not exists in the mod, it will be automatically processed and added without Load or Replace action. Use Replace action only if you want to replace whole existing content file in the mod. This action affects all content added or edited by other content packs which edits the same target. For more information about new format see Content Packs.

But no worry. Your content packs in older formats still works with NPC Adventures 0.13.0, only triggers some warnings while game launched.

Update to version 0.12.0 beta

Bag delivery content source changed

Text source for bag delivery letters is now in Strings/Mail under key bagItemsSentLetter.<NPC_name>. As a content pack author you must define string for bag delivery letter for each custom NPC which you have in your content pack. See How to define bag delivery letters

If you don't define custom bag letters for your custom NPC companions, delivered package with bag items will be without any message letter for farmer. If farmer try to open it, the on't see a letter and open the box immediatelly instead of show the letter.

Update to version 0.10.0 beta

Content Pack format version changed

Version of content.json content pack definition file was changed from 1.0 to 1.1. Older version is not longer supported and content packs with this version format will no longer loaded into game! Please update your content packs to new CP format version and follow update notes bellow. It's important to do if you want your content pack compatible with beta!

Location dialogues engine remaked

Location dialogues was redone. Now known key companion_<location>* is not pushed only when you enter a location, now this kind of dialogue can be pushed in game time tick. If you want still you dialogue will be pushed when farmer and companion enter location, use key pattern companionEnter_<location>*. Dialogues are not repeated when dialogue was shown and you player enter this location again. If you want repeat your dialogue every location enter, use key pattern companionRepeatEnter_<location>*

Location dialogues are shown once one per day for companion which you are recruited.

* means variation key patterns

Spouse dialogues

Asset Dialogue/<companion>Spouse is no longer exists! For spouse dialogue lines definition use asset Dialogue/<companion> and suffix your spouse dialogue line with _Spouse.

"companionAccepted": "Do you want to go for an adventure with me?$u#$b# Well @, what are you waiting for? Let's go!$h", # normal line
"companionAccepted_Spouse": "Adventure? Oh, of course I will @!$l#$b#I hope we can delve into the mines today.$h", # spouse line
"companion_Farm_Night_rainy: "Blah blah blah"
"companion_Farm_Night_rainy_Spouse: "Spouses's blah blah blah"

Randomized dialogues

For randomized dialogues now use ~ instead of $, dollar no longer exists!

  "companion_Mine": "Be blessed my sword!",
  "companion_Mine$1": "I love adventure in mines!",
  "companion_Mine$2": "Taking me to mines, {0}?"

// Change it to:
  "companion_Mine": "Be blessed my sword!",
  "companion_Mine~1": "I love adventure in mines!",
  "companion_Mine~2": "Taking me to mines, {0}?"

Location speech bubbles

Location speech bubbles in Strings/SpeechBubbles are now prefixed with ambient_

// This old definitions
  "Mine_Abigail": "Be blessed my sword!",
  "Mine_Abigail$1": "I love adventure in mines!",
  "Mine_Abigail$2": "Taking me to mines, {0}?",
  "Mine_Abigail$3": "I < it!",

// Change to:
  "ambient_Mine_Abigail": "Be blessed my sword!",
  "ambient_Mine_Abigail~1": "I love adventure in mines!",
  "ambient_Mine_Abigail~2": "Taking me to mines, {0}?",
  "ambient_Mine_Abigail~3": "I < it!",

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