Create event triggable during adventuring with a villager

NPC Adventures events are loaded from data asset Data/Events (file assets/Data/Events.json in NA mod folder). Event content structure is ordinary string-string dictionary.

Adventuring story events

Currently there are only one adventuring story event. It's Marlon's invitation event stored under key adventureBegins. Please don't change or remove this event in your content packs

Companion cutscenes

Companion cutscenes are events which are played when you are entered to a location with recruited companion (during adventuring with currently recruited companion). The key of these kind of events ere more complex, the template is: companion/<int:eventId>/<string:npcName>/<string:location>[/<epu_conditions> ...]

The key always starts with companion/ and follow these parameters:

#param nametypedescription
1eventIdintSDV event id. Avoid conflict with another event ids. It's recommended prefix id with yout nexusmods mod id
2npcNamestringAn NPC name of recruited companion. Player must have recruited this companion to play this event
3locationstringA location name for this event. Player must enter this location with recruited companion (defined in previous parameter) to play this event
4epu_conditionsarray of string splited by /(optional) Extended precondition utility condition like f Linus 1000/w rainy/z spring

Internal event id standard (in NA development team) is:

Companion event ID standard

     Nexus mod id (4582 is NA's nexus id. For content packs use yours)
   /     Number of event for this companion
  /     /
4582 1 nnn
        Event type: companion event (1)

List of companion events

See Events in the mod guide.


An example of content pack which adds/edits an companion cutscene.

// File assets/data/my-events.json
  "companion/45821700/Emily/SandyHouse": "none/6 18/farmer 4 9 0 Emily 4 8 0 Sandy 2 5 2 Bouncer 17 3 2/pause 1000/skippable/pause 200" // prefix 4582 is NPC Adventures nexusmods mod id. Dont' use this prefix, use another one in your content pack
  "companion/45821701/Emily/SandyHouse/t 900 1000/f Emily 1500": "none/6 18/farmer 4 9 0 Emily 4 8 0 Sandy 2 5 2 Bouncer 17 3 2/pause 1000/skippable/pause 200"
  "Format": "1.3",
  "Changes": [
      "Target": "Data/Events",
      "FromFile": "assets/data/my-events.json"

If you are NPC Adventures developer, you can edit file assets/Data/Events.json in NPC Adventures mod folder directly.