Debugging mod with commands

And some cheats...

For enable debugging commands you must enable the debug mode in configuration.

List of commands

  • npcadventure_eligible - Make a player eligible to recruit companions (Main player only)
  • npcadventure_recruit <NPC name> - Recruit a companion without check if player is eligible (Mail player only)
  • npcadventure_patches [recheck] - List all patched SDV methods with harmony patcher by this mod. Add word recheck as first argument if you want manually recheck possibly patches conflicts.
  • npcadventure_debug set|unset|list <debug flag name> - Set, unset or list debug flags.

Main player only commands will be executed only in singleplayer or on the host in multiplayer game (for the multiplayer version of mod).

Available debug flags

  • forager.pickAlways Forager always find a forage.
  • forager.shareAlways Forager always share found forages with farmer.