Marlon's invitition to adventuring with companions

This event is the first event in the NPC Adventures. After see this event you become eligible to recruit a companion.

This part of NPC Adventures is available only when you have enabled Adventure mode


After you received an invitation letter from Marlon, you get a quest goto Adventurer's guild visit Marlon. When you enter a guild, this event will be played and Marlon introduces you companions, the story, their skills and etc. After end of this event you are eligible to recruit a companion.

Companion events

There are a list of all companion event cutscenes which contains NPC Adventures in the base. For play this event you must have recruited a required companion and enter to a location of that event. In some cases an additional conditions may be required.



Event idLocationConditionCreated byDescription
45821301Mountain4 hearts or more with Haley, sunny day, time between 9:00 am - 6:50 pm, Haley is recruited as a companionArknirHaley invites the player to take some selfies together for her adventuring scrapbook.


Event idLocationConditionCreated byDescription
45821701Mountain2 hearts or more with Emily and Sandy, Emily is recruited as a companionMortimerA pleasant visit to Sandy... Well what was supposed to be, spirits to the rescue!


Event idLocationConditionCreated byDescription
45821701MountainPlayer can recruit companions, 2 hearts or more with Kent, sunny weather and it's not Friday or SundayArknirThis event unlocks Kent as a freelance companion