Requests with shift key

Due to conflicts with some mods will be added a choice to request (ask) a companion for recruit with a request shift key. You can enable this option in configuration.


In the config.json allow requests with shift key and you can optionaly to change a shift key binding. By default is used LeftShift.

How to use

If you are eligible to recruit a companion and you want to do it, hold the shift key (LeftShift by default) and press action button (RightClick by default on PC). You must still hold the shift key while this action. If you did it in the right way, you got a request dialogue for recruit. If you recruited and want any request for your companion (save items to bag or dismiss them) you must use the shift key too.

Disable shift key

If you don't want to ask for follow with a shift key, you can disable it. You can do it in configuration. Just switch off request key option (set it to false).

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